Yoni Steam Spa 412

Healing Pittsburgh Back to Health

Meet Dorisa

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Our Story

Yoni Steam 412 was founded by Dorisa King, who at the age of 30 became a Certified Yoni Steam Practioner, Minister of Holistic Feminine Healthcare, and a Fertility Stimulation Specialist. Her passion for helping others came to her through a dream, something she considers a gift from her ancestors, which lead to her training and mission to provide women with a natural way to heal through the practice of Yoni Steaming. The term Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning the womb and female organs. It also connotes the female sexual organs such as vagina, vulva, and uterus. Yoni Steaming is an all-natural and derived from God’s first medicine-herbs from the earth. It has been around and used by women for over a 1,000-years to promote healing, balance, and well being to our wombs and reproductive organs. King’s search for helping others led her to Love my Womb Academy ran by Ms. Tracy Bryant. She spent 9-months training learning about the Female Reproductive System, its diseases, different infertility issues, and safety procedures. Several salons provide Yoni Steam services, but King is the only certified practitioner in Pittsburgh.

Our Story

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Our Story

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Our Mission

Yoni Steam 412 is a safe place for women to come unlearn and relearn the power of their wombs. Educating women on how to help themselves naturally from the inside out, through plant-based foods, water, herbs, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and yoni (vaginal) steaming, to prevent reproductive dis-eases, increase fertility in all areas and improve your overall wellness.
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